This is how I walk/crawl

Look look, Im walking (with a little help)

I love to be on the swing and now I have one INSIDE.

Finally I got it, and I am now getting around on my own.

My new car, very early birthday present and I love it.

Happy Norwegian day, constitution day.

Nice warm day and on the sving again.

Its fun with my aunt Line.

I love playing with dad.

It looks like I have eaten some, but when you eat on your own for the first time its more fun to feel and play with the food.

Water is always fun.

This time it was dad that made a mess, I promise.

I have the best hairdo, needed to show it to the world.

Behind me is the best car ever, VW Variant 411E (1971 model) and it will be mine someday

I'm helping dad refurbishing the kitchen

My first go on the sving and it was so much fun

I'm not eating sand, promise (not yet by the way)

Mum and me have been outside for 3 hours and it's a beautifull day.

Old habits die hard

Look, look I'm standing

I'm sick with chicken pox

Still sick but in great mood.

I have now learned how to get up on my own.

I have been sitting on my own for a while but needed a picture of me on my nice chair

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